The Challenge

The challenge is really all about demonstrating that injuries, disabilities and chronic illnesses are no bar to sporting achievement. It will also demonstrate that despite being diagnosed with PTSD, you can still go out there and do amazing things and support those around you.

In all we will be cycling approx 1300 miles and climbing 63000ft which is the equivalent of more than twice the height of Mount Everest.

For myself, Brian and Brent this will be a tough ask, however our efforts will be as nothing compared to Lee.

Lee's condition Fibromyalgia means that he will be in constant pain throughout the challenge. Combine that pain and discomfort with the tremendous effort of powering his handbike twice up Everest, I hope you can begin to appreciate the sheer effort, guts and determination that will be needed for Lee to complete this challenge. However, Lee has his Band of Brothers with him, and we will be do whatever is needed to get him to complete this truly amazing challenge.

For more information on Fibromyalgia and its symptoms please go to

Our Route

We will be cycling from John o'Groats to Lands End but we won't be taking the classic route down the west coast, but a much longer route as we intend visiting all of the recovery centres run by Help for Heroes.

The general route would be John o'Groatss, Edinburgh,(Erskine House) Catterick North Yorkshire,(Phoenix House) Colchester Essex,(Chavase House) Brentwood Essex Brompton Barracks Chatham Kent, Tidworth Hampshire,(Tedworth House) Plymouth Devon (Hasler Company) and then to Lands End.

The full route once finalised will be over 1400 miles with more than 50,000 feet of climbing.

We are hoping to complete the challenge within 25 days and are hoping to cover between 60 or 70 miles per day.

Start: John o'Groats

Stage 1:
John o'Groats to Gore Livingston
360.4m - 7 days Cranking
19344 feet climbing

Arrive - 7th 1900hr to 2000hrs
Depart - 8th 0900hrs Start

Stage 2:
Gore Livingston to Newcastle Upon Tyne City Hall
122.3m - 2 days cranking
5790 feet climbing

Arrive - 9th 1900hr to 2000hrs
Depart - 10th 0900hrs Start

Stage 3:
Newcastle Upon Tyne City Hall to Catterick Recovery Centre
49.3m - 1 day cranking
3184 feet climbing

Arrive - 10th 1900hr to 2000hrs
Depart - 11th 0900hrs Start

Stage 4:
Catterick Recovery Centre to Carver Barracks Wimbish
234.5m - 4 days
7429 feet climbing

Arrive - 14th 1900hr to 2000hrs
Depart - 15th 0900hrs Start

Stage 5:
Carver Barracks Wimbish - Colchester Recovery Centre
35.8m - 1 day cranking
1215 feet climbing

Arrive - 15th 1900hr to 2000hrs
Rest Day - 16th
Depart - 17th 0900hrs Start

Stage 6:
Colchester Recovery Centre to Brentwood Leisure Centre
40.4m - 1 day cranking
1456 feet climbing

Arrive – 17th 1900hr to 2000hrs
Depart – 18th 0900hrs Start

Stage 7a:
Brentwood Leisure Centre to Tilbury Ferry
17.1 miles - 1 day cranking
534 feet climbing

Arrive - 18th
Depart - 18th

Stage 7b:
Gravesend to Chatham
9.7 miles - 1 day cranking
571 feet climbing

Arrive - 18th 1900hr to 2000hrs
Depart – 19th 0900hrs Start

Stage 8:
Chatham to Chelsea Hospital
37.3 miles - 1 day Cranking
1618 feet climbing

Arrive – 19th
Depart – 19th

Stage 9:
Chelsea Hospital to Aspire Stanmore
13.7 miles - 1 day Cranking
758 feet climbing

Arrive – 19th 1900hr to 2000hrs
Depart – 20th 0900hrs Start

Tilbury Ferry to Gravesend

Stage 10:
Aspire Stanmore to Headley Court – H4H
31.3 miles - 1 day Cranking
1134 feet climbing

Arrive – 20th 1900hr to 2000hrs
Depart – 21st 0900hrs Start

Stage 11:
Headley Court – H4H to Tedworth House Tidworth – H4H
70.9 miles - 2 day Cranking
3227 feet climbing

Arrive – 22nd 1900hr to 2000hrs
Rest Day – 23rd
Depart - 24th 0900hrs Start

Stage 12:
Tedworth House Tidworth to Cartgate Lodge Café A303 (Near Yeovil)
64.8 miles - 2 days Cranking
2995 feet climbing

Arrive – 25th 1900hr to 2000hrs
Depart – 26th 0900hrs Start

Stage 13:
Cartgate Lodge Café A303 (near Yeovil) to Wyvern Barracks (Exeter)
57.6 miles - 1 days Cranking
2993 feet climbing

Arrive – 26th 1900hr to 2000hrs
Depart – 27th 0900hrs Start

Stage 14:
Wyvern Barracks (Exeter) to HMS Drake Recovery Centre (Plymouth)
46 miles - 1 days Cranking
4024 feet climbing

Arrive – 27th 1900hr to 2000hrs
Rest Day – 28th
Depart – 29th 0900hrs Start

Stage 15:
HMS Drake Plymouth Recovery Centre – H4H to Trevella Caravan Park (Newquay)
50.4 miles - 1 day cranking
4143 feet climbing

Arrive – 29th 1900hr to 2000hrs
Depart – 30th 0900hrs Start

Stage 16:
Trevella Caravan Park (Newquay) to Lands End
45 miles - 1 day Cranking
2769 feet climbing

Arrive – 30th 1900hr to 2000hrs