Lee Patmore: 30 more days to train

As of the countdown, I have stacks of time, a whole 30 days to train. Where the past 17 months have gone since I first talked to Steve about this ride, is anyone’s guess.

Last week I didn’t write a blog post. It was an okay week, but nothing special and certainly nothing inspiring me to write a blog post. This week, again, it’s been less training, but okay. Monday 27th March, I completed my best distance for a while. I managed just under 20miles (19.98miles by my Garmin). So those of you with Strava would have seen this. To be honest it was the only ride, but with a few body weight bits at home. My forearms ached like hell. Tuesday I was okay, felt fine and was really tempted to go for another ride. Knowing that I should rest for 24-48hrs after completing such a distance for the first time in a while, I decided for once to follow my own advice. Tuesday evening, it hit me, my forearms hurt like hell. Had I gone for the ride I wanted to, I would have blamed it on that ride and been angry with myself for over doing things and ruining possibly the rest of the weeks training. Lucky enough, I know it was due to Monday, and that I didn’t over train, I did the right thing for once and took the rest period despite feeling great.

Emotionally, I’ve been up and down at times. The coming challenge really is starting to settle in. I know I can do this, how my body will react is something I’m just not thinking about at this stage.

I also found out that the journey isn’t actually downhill when starting in Scotland (John O’Groats). Steve told me, start at the top, then down and then a slightly less of a downhill to Lands End. If I had known this, I’d have told Steve to join me on a handcycle so he can suffer with me.

This coming week, should be good. I’ve not over done things, and giving myself good rest time. Yes, it’s less training, but it’s better training. I should be able to get those bigger rides in, and I should be able to ramp things up with each ride and see progress.