The latest news from Lee Patmore as he prepares for the cycle ride from John O'Groats to Land's End.

Its Thursday 13th April, Count down timer states 17 days and 8 hours until Kranking Day arrives.

This coming week I have a ride with Steve and one of our sponsors Carol from AC Goathams & Son based in Kent. So there will be more on that in my next post. Apart from that, should be some weekday rides, but as yet, who knows what next week will throw at me.

This past week has been good. Last night was a 2 hour Wheelchair Rugby Taster Session at the Brentwood Centre, so that was all arms, and yes, I can feel last nights efforts today.

Cycling wise, I had a couple of decent rides and the distance is now becoming a decent improvement as to how it has been. Friday 7th April was 26.6 miles in 2hr 19mins with an avg speed 11.5mph. I then did another ride the very next day, Saturday 8th April 20miles, 1hr 41mins an avg speed 11.8mph.

Overall, I’m pleased with progress and this coming Saturday will be a test of hills as Steve finds so many of them in Kent. So we shall see how well I have managed to get my fitness back to my normal standard.

Mentally, coping well. But I’m fully aware that my current furthest distance is 26.6 miles, which is very short of my 40-60 miles per day. But those miles wont be alone, I will have some great company, lots of support and encouragement.