Lee Patmore: Only 53 Days to go

Lee Patmore: Only 53 days to go……

The latest news from Lee Patmore as he prepares for the cycle ride from John O'Groats to Land's End.

This is probably one of the hardest blog posts to write. While this should be about how well my training is going and how often I train, this one is the opposite to what I want to be saying.

After the 24hr Handcycle event things were going great. I knew exactly what mistakes I had made during this session, and I now know how to do this again and to be able to achieve much more with the same level of effort being applied. We also raised a decent amount of funds and this allowed us to get a set of Kettle Bells in the gym that will help many peoples training with all ranges of abilities.

Monday 20th February I woke to a massive flare-up of my Fibromyalgia. I was in a lot more pain than usual, and I just couldn’t function with how tired I was. To explain how I feel is very difficult.  To explain the level of pain I have on a daily basis, is just as difficult to explain and how I cope and carry on is a very personal battle and different for everyone. For that week, it’s safe to say I was bed-ridden. If I got out of bed twice in one day in the early part of the week, it was based on I really had to. Along with the Pain, Tiredness my Brain Fog decided to pay a visit. I would forget the most simplest of stuff, like the name for a Mug, or even names of food. I was also asleep for pretty much most of the day to the point of if I was awake for longer than an hour in the 24hours, I would be surprised.  That has got to be the worst flare-up I have had in a long while and with what I plan to achieve very soon, the timing couldn’t be much worse.

 The following week I was a lot better, but I still got very tired very easy. Just making my way to the toilet would leave me sleeping for the rest of the day.

It is now Wednesday 8th March and I’ve still yet to train. I am now 53 days away from starting what I see as a Bucket List journey/challenge and I have yet to train again since my flare-up. The journey is not just one about fitness; it’s about a mental battle over pain and metal health issues which can ultimately end up with another flare-up and lots of sleeping. So it’s about me pushing my physical and mental boundaries and limits beyond what my body says are acceptable to achieve something that my body says is not possible at all.

This week I will be training. Probably in for form of my Handcycle on the road to see what stage my recovery is at, and where I can push my limits. My next weekly post will talk about what I have done during training, but as to the full extent all depends on my body and my ability to push it further and to mentally keep my recovery on track so I can push my limits way beyond.

The positive in this post, is that I can openly say that I have not been able to train, to speak about my illness, and the fact that training is still a priority but ultimately, I have no control over the levels I can train to. I know what I can achieve, but at this moment, it’s very restricted.