Lee Patmore: Only 44 Days to go

Lee Patmore: Only 44 Days to go

Writing this post a couple of days later than last week's one. Main reason for this is I had set myself a goal to not only go out Monday, but to also go out on Friday as well.

To be honest, for my first ride in a while, Mondays ride wasn't too bad. Slower than my previous rides, but saying that, I have just started to recover properly from my recent flare-up. I'm also extremely surprised how well I'm feeling compared to other recovery periods.


I wanted to go out Tuesday, but stuff I needed to sort just kept coming up. There were a number of things that did end up stressing me out a lot, the result, Sleep. Not just any sleep, but I had to, as I tried to push on, I just felt worse and worse to the point I don't even remember crashing out. Even worse is the fact that when I wake up, I don't feel better, that just happens over the next few days until I eventually get back to my normal state.


On Thursday, I have to admit, I felt great! I mean really good compared to the usual way I feel. I felt reasonably positive for a change and decided that I was going to go for a ride on Friday and I was going to do 3 to 4 laps of my usual 7 (ish) mile route.


Friday came and I went for my ride. I wasn't feeling as good as I did Thursday, but felt okay enough to still stick to my plan. Normally I suffer for the first 2 miles and consider that as part of warming up. But 4 miles into the ride, I was still struggling. My time was slower, Avg speed was slow and cadence was down. I knew at this point it was likely going to be a 1 lap run again.


After Mondays ride, I did adjust my seating position, so that could have something to do with it, as a different position means different positions to how my body is use to working.


On the final straight and about 20 meters into it, all of a sudden, I felt great. I was deciding about a second lap. Yes I know it would be slower and I'd probably regret it, but I knew I would complete it despite the time & speed. Then a new problem, needed the loo. So faced with doing 14 miles or not, deciding factor was the probability of cycling whilst laying in a warm wet patch for up to 40 minutes was as appealing as being able to say that I completed 14 miles today.


Mondays ride, I was buzzing, decent enough times, was happy with how it went  based on the situation. Today (Friday) it was a lot slower. As disappointing as that was, it was another ride, another training session and not pushing it, will do me a lot more good, than going over the limits of my current state.


Anyway, I have no idea what I'm worrying about, I still have 44 days to train. Just over 6 weeks, surely that is more than enough? End of the day, it's what I've got to work with and need to resist the temptation of pushing too hard and causing any further set backs, but also can't just take it easy in the process.